FlaxFibre or FibreGlass

Would you ride a surfboard made from this ? It is Linum Usitatissimum or better know as Flax Fibre. Most surfers ride boards made from toxic materials that are harmful to both the shaper and the environment. As I watch the surf comp in France, my mind boggles ... why are professional surfers not riding surfboards made of these materials. Why would they be using tools that poison the environment that pays their bills and keeps a roof over their head? #mindblowing 
Do you see a chef cooking with arsenic? If he did, he would be killing his customers and therefore his revenue. So why do professional surfers ride surfboards that damage their environment when they are essentially receiving their revenue from the environment??? Our kids, & also the adults, look to the pros for direction and are easily influenced by them. How can we get this change happening before we destroy our oceans completely?