Demo Boards

greenOne® - The Bougma

The Boumga is the ultimate hybrid shortboard by NOTOX Surfboards. This eco-friendly surfboard from the greenOne® range offers a great deal of manoeuvrability while still providing amazing volume and float-ability to go shred and/or cruise in 3ft waves.
It is a very stable shape with loads of volume under the chest for incredible ease of paddling, perfect for the beginner/intermediate looking to transition into the world of shortboard. It also provides a great opportunity for more experienced surfers to complete their quiver and get their hands on something a little more forgiving and easy to use in smaller waves.
Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6" 19"3/4 2"3/8 29L

The Korko

Following the success of our flax fabrics surfboard (aimed at intermediate and experienced surfers), we now wish to reach out to surfers from every level, but also to surf schools by offering them adapted and fun gear.  Project “Korko”: A safe and robust surfboard, was successfully crowdfunded in March 2017. The Korko boards is available to demo in 3 different sizes: 5’6, 6'6 and 7'6