Notox - Bougma

Notox - Bougma

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Shaper: Benoit Rameix


The Boumga is the ultimate hybrid shortboard by NOTOX Surfboards. This eco-friendly surfboard from the greenOne® range offers a great deal of manoeuvrability while still providing amazing volume and float-ability to go shred and/or cruise in 3ft waves.

It is a very stable shape with loads of volume under the chest for incredible ease of paddling, perfect for the beginner/intermediate looking to transition into the world of shortboard. It also provides a great opportunity for more experienced surfers to complete their quiver and get their hands on something a little more forgiving and easy to use in smaller waves, really adapted to our UK summer conditions.

What you need to know:

  • 3"-5" shorter than your normal shortboard
  • Will handle up to 3-4ft
  • Thruster, Quad or 5-Fin set up - FCS or Future

The BOUMGA model is in the tradition of hybrid shortboard for small waves. Unmatched maneuverability and buoyancy to go "carver" in small waves.

For beginners, it represents a stable, maneuverable machine with impressive paddle comfort.

For experienced surfers, the BOUMGA is a real alternative.

  • EPS Foam Blank with up to 100% recycled content and CFC Free guarantee
  • Quadric-axial Flax Fibre for increased flex and response
  • High performance Bio-Epoxy Resin
  • Vacuum Lamination process for a lighter, stronger and more dynamic board

Available sizes
Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6" 19"3/4 2"3/8 28.8 L
5'8" 20" 2"1/2 31.1 L
5'10" 20"1/4 2"5/8 34.9 L
6'0" 20"1/2 2"9/16 35.5 L
6'2" 20"5/8 2"3/4 39.1 L
6'4" 21" 2"7/8 41.5 L