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Notox - Korko

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*** As these boards are coming from France, we need to keep the cost low so everyone can enjoy the earthy feels of The Korko.  It is required that we have 25 pre paid orders before we can ship the boards to Brisbane, Australia.  Depending on where you are in the queue will depend on how long it will take to deliver to you. Thank you for your understanding of us trying to make a more cost effective and sustainable product available to you all. ***

About The Korko

With an outer layer made from cork, this board eliminates the need for wax, can be easily repaired, and is suitable for all surfing abilities from beginner or a seasoned expert.

The outer layer is covered in raw sustainable cork, and the core is made of waterproof and recyclable polystyrene. For stability, it’s secured by a stiffener made from a flax fabrics/bio-epoxy mix.

Korko is the cheapest eco-friendly surfboard in the world! The cork layer offers resistance to bumps (try cutting through a cork cap, you’ll see!). The Korko board is easily repairable. A major collision can be fixed by simply sticking a piece of cork over the impact point and sanding it once the glue has dried. A repair kit and tutorial video are provided. Plus, you’ll no longer need wax! The cork guarantees a perfect grip over the entire board. 

The ocean, our playground, is a precious gift. Also, the surfing community, each and everyone one of us, has long since been committed in its preservation. Paradoxically, the manufacturing of most surfboards has been polluting the planet and quite threatening the health of those who design them. That is the reason why we have been dedicating all of your energy into designing surfboards that are both effective and health & environment-friendly. Fulfilling all those criteria has not been a walk in a park, but so is our journey « a Quest to Fair Boards » !

Following the success of our flax fabrics surfboard (aimed at intermediate and experienced surfers), we now wish to reach out to surfers from every level, but also to surf schools by offering them adapted and fun gear .That’s why today we are launching Project “Korko”: A safe and robust surfboard. The Korko boards will be available in 3 different sizes: 5’6, 6'6 and 7'6

Length Width Thick Volume Price
5’6" 21" 3" 45 L A$860
6’6" 22" 1/4 3" 1/4 60 L A$920
7’6" 23" 1/4 3" 1/2 78 L A$980


What are the perks ?

  1. Korko is the cheapest eco-friendly surfboard in the world !
  2. The cork layer offers a better resistance to bumps ( in order to convince you, we invite you to try to cut through a cork cap)
  3. The Korko board is easily repairable. A major collision will be fixed by simply sticking a piece of cork over the impact and sanding it once the glue has dried (A repair kit will be offered, along with a tutorial video)
  4. No longer need for wax to surf! The cork guarantees a perfect grip over the entire board
  5. Last, cork surface limits skin rashes when surfing with a bathing suit. When summer comes, no longer need for a rash-guard or a shorty to protect yourself from the sticky wax

Impact on the environment

To estimate the impact Korko Boards have on the environment, we have used the ECOLIZER® method. While a traditional surfboard gets a score of 3455 points, a Korko board only posts up a score of 1551 points: thus an impact 55% weaker.



Our prototypes are yet to be tested by the global elite, although it has been tested by our fans, whose daily involvement for the planet and human values are shared by us

Elsa, beginner surfer, "I found this board pretty surprising, it even adapts very well to beginners like me. It is much smaller and lighter than the one I usually go surfing with and still I found the paddling and the take-off were super easy and as I got familiar with the size and weight I managed to catch some nice little waves. Moreover, the contact with the cork is really soothing and surfing with a beautiful eco-friendly board, it adds up a little something to the session”


Olivier, confirmed surfer "I have been using cork as an anti-slippery material for a couple of years now and the idea of a board entirely made of cork is amazing, no more wax, a soothing and natural material, anyway the whole concept is solid. No more sliding issues, simple to use to, the buoyancy is incredible and it’s reactive when you really lean on it. All that is left to be tone is to be available in a twin shape and that board will start passing around and swapping hands, well swapping feet “


Alex, trail-blazer surfer “I was lucky to travel around our beautiful planet and discover surf spots in several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, the US (California) and finally the West Indies… It perfectly adapted to all transport and weather conditions! It’s really handy when you travel: no more sticking wax everywhere. The board has put up with 1 year of going around the world ( planes, trains, buses, vans, boats) and still brings me enjoyment on our beautiful French coasts ...Aloha !"


Benoit, intermediate surfer “It was a great experience and a pleasure to work with Pierre and the whole NOTOX team. The school surfboard project was a real challenge and this board really stood out as an oddball next to other classic surfboards. In the end, a cork coating we end up finding it as lovely as handy, concerning the shape and also for the surfing aspect. It puts up with all the everyday bumps and drops without flinching. It’s surprising how perfectly it does the job even without any wax on it. Once you are on the beach we throw ourselves to the water on it and we immediately enjoy its softness, the grip, its safety. In the end, good surfing while keeping it casual, what else?"


Martin, confirmed surfer "What struck me first was the good weight / buoyancy ratio of the board. Paddling with the board was really enjoyable, we can feel it is floating and carrying us easily. As for the surfing aspect, very good sensations as well, truly fit for beginners that need comfort and stability for the first pop-ups. The fact that this board is made of cork adds a really nice and esthetically pleasing side to it which I really enjoyed as well. The fact that there is no longer need to wax it is a true perk, and the grip is effective. This board has nothing to envy to the competition, it offers all performances a school board does and added to that its eco-friendly aspect. Very well done"